Department of Literature Theory and Comparative Studies

Head - L.V. Grytsyk, doctor of philological sciences, professor
Phone Numbers - 239-32-34; 32-34
Room №117


The problem of the author's will in the works of V. Sosyura.
Special features of the creative laboratory of M. Rylskyi.
Censorship and editor’s versions of V.Symonenko’s poetry.
Creative evolution of L. Kostenko.
Works of traveling deacons as a manifestation of collective authorship.
Athor’s will (lack of will) on the example of the Ukrainian modern prose.
The book as a text source.
The creative history of the novel “The clouds” by I. Nechui-Levitskyi.
Relevant problems of contemporary textual studies.
Rhythmics and versification of the older and younger Ukrainian symbolists (to choose from: M. Voronyi, O.Oles, G. Chuprynko, M. Filyanskyi, V. Pachovskyi, P. Karmanskyi, D. Zagul, Y. Savchenko, O. Slisarenko, V. Yaroshenko, V.Kobykyanskyi, earlier M. Rylskyi, P.Tychyna, M.Semenko)
Mykola Voronyi as “the first conscious master of the form”.
Sound images in the poetry of Olexandr Oles.

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