Department of Folklore Studies

Head - О.P. Іvanovska, doctor of philological sciences, associate professor
Phone Numbers - 239-31-69; 31-69
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In 1992 the Sub-department of Folklore Studies was founded at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. Since 1993 there is a major “Folklore Studies. The Ukrainian language and literature, foreign language”, since 2001 there is a specialization of music folklore studies focusing on the important historical and theoretical issues of folk arts and folk culture in general.
The objective prerequisite for foundation of the sub-department was a necessity to revive the national culture of independent Ukraine, to preserve and to study the spiritual heritage of the Ukrainian people. A special attention is paid to research of the Ukrainian folklore at the Kyiv National University regardless of all ideological prejudices and prohibitions. One of the founders of the Ukrainian folklore studies was the first Vice-chancellor of the University M. Maksymovych. Such Ukrainian outstanding experts in folklore as O. Markovych, M. Symonov, P. Kulish, M. Lysenko, M. Staryts`kyas well as such authoritative researchers of the Ukrainian folklore as M. Kostomarov, A. Metlynsky, V. Antonovych, M. Dragomanov, O. Kotlyarevsky, I. Zhdanov, M. Dashkevych, S. Savchenko, V. Klinger, A. Loboda, V. Perets, P. Popov, H. Sydorenko, M. Hrytsay and many more studied at the university.. Filareta Kolessy prize-winner Prof. L. Dunayevs`ka (1948-2006) initiated the training course for experts in folklore studies in Ukraine. She founded and headed the Sub-department (1992-2006). Prof. V. Boyko (1929-2008) and O. Talanchuk (1943-2003), who earlier read a course in folklore studies at the Sub-department of History of Literature, supervised folklore hands-on work and held corresponding research work, formed the core of the Sub-department due to the efforts of L. Dunaevska. Later Professors L. Kopanytsa, N. Malyns`ka, S. Rosovets`kym, I. Pavlenko, O. Ivanovs`ka, S. Seheda, Associate Professors L. Shurko (1962-2008), O. Pavlov, N. Lysyuk, N. Saltovs`ka, O. Marchun, O. Naumovs`ka, assistant lecturers N. Rudakova, S. Leshchyns`ka, O. Overchuk joined the academic staff. Prize-winners of Olena Pchilka award in the area `Literature for children` in 1992 were Prof. O. Talanchuk (for sorting the literary and academic works of the writer) and also the author of the Kyiv National University hymn, Associate Prof. L. Shurko (for compiling “The Bible for Children”). Associate Prof. L. Shurko (2007) and Associate Prof. of Philology O. Ivanovs`ka (2009) became Pavlo Chubynsky prize-winners. Prof. S. Rosovetsky is a prize-winner in the literary contest “ Nova Knyga” (2007) and also a prize-winner in the 7-th literary contest “ Koronatsiya slova” (2007) in nomination “Plays”, Associate Prof. O. Marchun is a reiterated prize-winner of a number of international song contests. He composed the hymn of Kyiv National University.
In December 2007 Dr. of Philology O. Ivanovs`ka headed the Sub-department of Folklore Studies.
The Sub-department provides courses in the Ukrainian, Russian, Slavic and foreign folklore; heroic epic of peoples of the world; ethnic pedagogy; ethnic psychology; ethnic linguistics; ethnology; common law; philosophic, folklore and historical anthropology; mythology; vocal ensemble, voice training; stage speech; stage direction of folk holidays;ethics and aesthetics in folklore; folk arts,;folk music; choreography; special courses and special workshops in folklore; folk culture etc.
The Sub-department of Folklore Studies has been continually aiming at improving the folklore disciplines, thus experts in anthropology, stage skills, choral singing are being invited. Academic staff: Prof. V. Antonyuk, Prof. M. Chmyhov; V. Vovkun, a honoured art worker, nowadays the Minister of Culture in Ukraine; such workers of the Ryl`s`ky Institute of Art History, Folklore Studies and Ethnology at the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine - Candidate of Philology L. Mushketnyk, Candidate of Philology L. Vakhnina, Candidate of Philology T. Shevchuk..
National artists of Ukraine (N. Matviyenko), kobza-players (M. Lytvyn, N. Kompanichenko), leading ethnographers of the Museum ofFolk Architecture and Life in Ukraine (L. Orel, O. Dolya), popular craftsmen (O. Bilous- a painter of Easter eggs, A. Mel`nychenko- an embroider) are being invited to deliver lectures.
The following normative courses aiming at mastering the music folklore in its educational aspect are provided: “History and theory of folk songs performance”; “Ukrainian musical study of folklore”; “Method of working with vocal ensembles”, “Stage direction of folk holidays”; “Transcription of folk music” etc. The courses have been prepared by Prof. I. Pavlenko, an honoured culture worker of Ukraine
Knowledge received due to the theoretical courses and field researches are seen in activities of the students` folk ensemble of the Ukrainian music “Roksolaniya”. The ensemble is a frequent prize-winner of a number of international folklore festivals and contests in Ukraine and abroad.
In summer students study ethnographical turfs of Ukraine. For realization of the summer educational folklore hands-on activities there are specially allotted recreation centers in the different regions of Ukraine, particularly in the city of Kanev, in the village of Chorna Tysa in Zakarpatsky oblast`, city of Kamenets-Podil`s`k in Khmilnitsky oblast`, city of Bratslav and city of Nemyriv in Vinnetskyoblast`.
Undergraduate and post-graduate students of the Sub-department of Folklore Studies take part in activities of folklore and ethnography expeditions held by academic centers and foundations dealing with the issues of preservation and development of the Ukrainian folklore.
In July 2006 under- and post-graduate students of the Sub-department (N. Khomenko, I. Demchenko, M. Shchokina, and N. Dangulzhy) organized an expedition to the villages of Pereval district, Luhans’k oblast` (Yashchikovo, Seleznivka, Buhayivka, Adrianopol). The expedition was initiated by S. Moshensky under the supervision of a corresponding member and the deputy director of the Taras Shevchenko Institute of Literature withinh the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine M. Sulyma, and sponsored by Planeta company group.
The participation in the V. Mohur Traditional Art School (November 2006, 2007) in the village of Kosmach, Kosiv district, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast`. Students of the Sub-department of Folklore Studies spent a week in the atmosphere of the Hutsul indigenous culture while meeting artisans and learning their trades, observing the production of the Hutsul traditional socks (kapchuri), hats (kresania), marriage wreaths, coats, traditional cottage cheese toys, soft leather shoes (postoly), willow baskets, and woven belts (zapasky, kraiky), listening to the musicians, and visiting the Hutsul weddings.
Postgraduate students of the Sub-department along with with members of the Roksolaniya folklore ensemble N. Khomenko and M. Shchokina participated in an expedition to Kodym district of Odesa oblast` in February 2008, which was initiated by D. Skoryk, a lecture at Odesa School of Arts named after K. Kastandi and sponsored by the Ukrainian Intellectual Forum. The expedition was aimed at collecting ethnographic and folklore marriage materials in Podillya. During the week the participants visited the villages of Shershentsi, Zahnitkiv, Pyrizhna and Ivashkiv. The collected materials are being studied by the members of the Roksolania folklore ensemble in order to retrieve a traditional Podillya wedding (village of Shershentsi, Kodym district).
The Participation in the complex folklore and ethnography expedition to Luhynskyi, Korosten, and Ovruch districts of Zhytomyr oblast`. During the expedition songs of 16 Chornobyl Polissya villages, which suffered from the Chornobyl disaster were collected. It was supervised by R. Omeliashko with organizational and financial help from the Center for cultural and spiritual heritage preservation of the villages which had suffered from the Chornobyl disaster under the Contingency Ministry of Ukraine. During the expedition, a documentary movie about the cultural heritage of Chornobyl region was shot with the participation of Lina Kostenko.
Students, master degree candidates, postgraduates, and lecturers in Folklore Studies, lecturers in the Ukrainian language and literature, lectures in foreign languages continually take part in educational programs on TV and radio.
Since 1992 the Sub-department has been issuing an annual academic collected works titled “Literature. Folklore. Problems of Poetics”, where the students can publish their works. Several monographs, manuals, and textbooks have been published.
The Center for Folklore and Ethnography functions at the Sub-department, which goal is to process folklore and ethnological materials, educational and folklore study literature forboth students and lecturers, academic and technical support of the educational process, academic expeditions etc.
The Sub-department holds two annual academic conferences (a conference dedicated to the academic and creative heritage of P. Chubynsky (February) “Folklore Readings Commemorating Prof. Lidiya Dunayevska (May) and a round table dedicated to M. Maksymovych (October)).
Those who graduated from the Sub-department have been working at higher education institutions of Ukraine, at institutions within the National Academy of Science in Ukraine, publishing centers, lyceums, schools, on TV and radio. Many of our graduates are known as organizers of folklore shows and festivals, managers and participants of folk ensembles.

The normative classes are:
Current problems of ethnology
Current problems of the Ukrainian folklore studies
Source study
Ethnic genesis and mythology in the Ukrainian folklore
History of folklore studies
Small genres of folklore
Methods of teaching at high educational institutions
Methodology and organization of folklore research
Basics of creativity psychology in the frame of folklore
Basics of verbal communication
Hereditary relations of folk cultures
Subjective and figurative system of folklore
Methodology of Folklore and Language Teaching
Folk Ethics in Heroic Epic
Folk Lawmaking
Fundamentals of Editing of Folk Works
South-western Eastern Slavonic Folklore
Poetics of Folk Prose
Poetic Pattern of the Ukrainian Folk Song
Poetic System of the Ukrainian Epic in World Literature
Problems of the Folk Prose Research
Problems of the Folk Lyrics Research
Problems of the Heroics in Folklore
World Epic
Modern European Discourse of Folklore
Folklore Textual Studies
Text and Inter-text in the Traditional Culture
Ukrainian Decorative and Applied Arts, Fine Arts
Ukrainian Music Folklore
Ukrainian Folk Drama
Folklore and Literature. Problem of Interrelation
Folklore and Psychoanalysis
Folklore Tradition in the Ukrainian Literature Development

Academic special workshops
Original Poetics of Folk Prose
Comparative Geography of Epic Motives
Methods of Notation and Reproduction of Song Folklore
Folk and Professional Arts
Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics
Poetics of Folklore
Problems of Folk Song Poetics
Problems of Folk Prose Poetics
Structural Folklore Studies
Folklore as Cultural and Semiotic System
Art Features of Stage Language
Art Features of Folklore Genres in the Context of Literature

Modern Tendencies of the World Folklore
Theory of Folklore
Ukrainian Folklore
Philosophical and Folklore Anthropology
Folklore in Ethnic and Social Linguistics
Folklore in the System of Culture
Folklore of Peoples of the World
Folklore in the Classical and Modern Literature
Musical Specialization
Vocal Ensemble
Ethnic Solfeggio and Theory of Music
History and Theory of the Folk Song Performance
Management of the Ukrainian Folk Bands
Comprehensive Analysis of Folk Song
Methodology of Operating a Folk Ensemble
Musical and theoretical Analysis of a Folk Song
Folk Music
Folk Choir Performance
Fundamentals of the Theory of Musical Folklore
Direction of the Folk Holidays and Traditions
Transcription of Folk Music
Ukrainian Folk Musical Arts
Ukrainian Folk Arrangement
Ukrainian Folk Song Performance
Ukrainian Musical Folklore
Choir Class
Art Peculiarities of Folklore Genres in the Context of Music and Theatre
Special Courses
Relevant Problems of the Slavonic Folklore Studies
Children`s Folklore and Folklore for Children
Ethnic Pedagogy
Ethnic Psychology
European Folklore Schools
Common Law
Historical and Mythological Characteristics of the Epic Hero
For postgraduates – Folklore and Literature Interrelations
Olena Petrivna Ivanovs`ka, born 10.03.1968 in Kamyanets`-Podilsky – Dr. of Philology, Associate Professor. In 1990 she graduated from the Kyiv National University, Ukrainian Language and Literature Department, Institute of Philology. Since 1996 she has been working at the Kyiv National University as a leading expert in the Methodological Centre of Folklore and Ethnography, an assistant and Associate Professor of the Folklore Studies Sub-department, a Deputy Dean of the Department of Philology dealing with the correspondence course studies, a Deputy Director of the Institute of Philology dealing with educational activities. In January 2007 she headed the Sub-department of Folklore. She is the author of over 60 academic publications.
Lyubov Mykolayivna Kopanytsya, born 01.11.1951 in Kyiv, Dr. of Philology, Professor.
Natalia Anatoliyivna Malyns`ka, born 19.04.1951 in Rivne, Dr. of Philology, Associate Professor.
Ivan Yakymovytsch Pavlenko, born in 25.10.1945 in Ostriv Bahmats`kogo of Chernigiv oblast`, Professor.
Stanislav Kazymyrovytsch Rosovets`ky – an expert in folklore studies, literature and language, a translator, a journalist. He writes both in Ukrainian and Russian. Basic academic interests – the Ukrainian and Russian folklore, the ancient Russian and Ukrainian literature in particular `The Tale of Igor`s Campaign`, Shevchenko studies, hagiology, the Bible studies, comparative studies, textual studies, poetics, rigorous methods in folklore and literature research, historical lexicology and Ukrainian literary language stylistics, cultural aspects of the development of management of the eastern Slavs. In 1969 he graduated from the Kyiv Shevchenko University, Department of Philology. In 1974 he finished a postgraduate course at the Department of History of the Russian Language of the Kyiv Shevchenko University. In 1977 he presented his candidate thesis at the Institute of the Russian Literature (Pushkin`s House) RAS, 2004 – his doctoral thesis at Kyiv Shevchenko University.
Svitlana Sergiyivna Leshchyns`ka, Assistant of the Sub-department of Folklore Studies
Natalia Anatoliyivna Lysyuk, born 31.01.1952 in Kyiv, Candidate of Philology.
Oksana Volodymyrivna Marchun, Kyiv, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor.
Oleg Danylovytsch Pavlov, born 03.03.1960 in Novoochakiv of Berezneguvatsky district Mykolaiv oblast`, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor.
Natalia Ivanivna Rudakova, born in 06.04.1974 in Katerynopil of Cherkasy oblast`, Candidate of Philology.
Natalia Vasylivna Saltovs`ka, born 1972, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor.

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