In post-war years the Russian language department and department of the History of Russian literature worked as separate units. The Russian language department was headed by associate professor M.M.Stakhovskiy (1950 - 1965), associate professor V.O.Syrotina (1965 - 1977), professor M. O. Karpenko (1977 - 1991; since 1996 academician of the Academy of Science of Higher School in Ukraine), since 1991 it is headed by professor O. S. Snytko. Associate professor M. O. Semenov, associate professor M. S. Zarytskiy, associate professor L. I. Kolokolova, associate professor L. F. Tsiptsyura, associate professor A. F. Papina, associate professor V. I. Makarov, associate professor O. K. Abramova, associate professor O. O. Volodymyrska, associate professor G. A. Zakurpa, associate professor L.I.Shahova, associate professor L.O.Kovalyova, etc., worked at the department in different years. For the moment the department, where professor O.S.Snytko, professor L.O.Kudryavtseva, professor N.V.Sluhay, professor L.P.Dyadechko, associate professor O.O.Bondarenko, associate professor D.I.Voronin, associate professor D.O.Teryaev, associate professor L.O.Medvedyeva, associate professor I.A.Kulinich, assistant lecturer S.H.Totska work, provides lecturing on modern Russian, the history of the Russian language, dialect studies, the Old Slavic language, stylistics, methods of teaching Russian at secondary school, and special courses dedicated to the basics of speech, peculiarities of the image in cultural and language tradition of the Eastern Slavs, spelling norm formation in the Russian and Ukrainian literary languages, topical issues of historical lexicology of the Eastern Slavic languages, lexical and semantic system of the Russian language, city language, mass media language, etc.

The main trends of the department's research work are nomination theory, discourse analysis of folklore texts, pragmalinguistics, theory of communication, mythopoetical picture of an ethnic world, text linguistics, media ecology, modeling of the Russian language vocabulary, mass media language research. Academic gains of the department are represented by the monograms of professor O.S.Snytko "Inner form of nominative units" (Lviv,1990), of professor L.O.Kudryavtseva "Modeling of dynamics of the Russian language vocabulary " (Kyiv, 1992), of professor N.V.Slukhai "Image in the mirror of ethnos's myth: M.Lermontov and T.Shevchenko" (Kyiv, 1995), of professor L.P.Dyadechko "Pithy sayings as an object of linguistic description: history and contemporaneity" (Kyiv, 2002), joined studies "The Russian language and contemporaneity" (Kyiv - Leipzig, 1989), "Comparative grammar of Russian and Ukrainian" (Kyiv, 2003), and manuals in lexicology and phraseology (professor L.O.Kudryavtseva, professor L.P.Dyadechko, associate professor I. A. Kulinych, associate professor O.O.Bondarenko), phonetics (associate professor D.O.Teryaev), word formation (professor L. O. Kudryavtseva, associate professor L.O.Medvedyeva), syntax (professor O.S.Snytko, professor N.V. Sluhay), text linguistics (professor N.V.Slukhay), ethnolinguistics (professor N.V. Slukhay, associate professor I. A. Kulinych ), and scientific and methodological researches. One of the important trends in department’s activity is compiling textbooks and manuals for secondary school, and dictionaries of different types (O.O.Bondarenko. Russian-Ukrainian dictionary of real estate terms. - Kyiv, 2008; L.P.Dyadechko. Explanatory dictionary "Modern pithy sayings". - Moscow: "NT Press", 2008).

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