Japanese Course Sponsored by Mitsubishi Corporation

Unprecedented action is being provided by the world-famous Japanese company ‘Mitsubishi Corporation’ in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

In autumn of 2008 the Memorandum of Assistance to Science and Education Development between Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine) and ‘Mitsubishi Corporation’ (Japan) was signed.

The Memorandum implies the kind consent of ‘Mitsubishi Corporation’ to be the sponsor and patron of Scientific-Educational Course held within the walls of prominent Ukrainian alma mater.

‘Mitsubishi Corporation’ Course is broad and manifold.
One of the first steps was that the Company provided the new modern equipment which was installed in special premise entitled ‘The Centre of Japanese Language and Literature sponsored by Mitsubishi Corporation’. Both professors and students of the University gladly work in such professional conditions created by ‘Mitsubishi Corporation’ in this educational Centre.

*The address of The Centre of Japanese Language and Literature sponsored by Mitsubishi Corporation is Room 22, Institute of Philology, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, bulvar Tarasa Shevchenka, 14, Kyiv.

‘Mitsubishi Corporation’ grants everybody a chance for free study of Japanese language and culture. Therefore since September 1, 2008, the classes for Japanese language and culture learners are held daily (except weekends). Every person who is eager to master Japanese language and culture can join any of the working groups (Senior Beginners, Junior Beginners, and Advanced Level Students).
*Any person wishing to get more information about ‘Mitsubishi Corporation’ Educational Course is welcome to contact the Course manager: 096 929 27 39 (garan1981@mail.ru)

‘Mitsubishi Corporation’ provides not only free classes in a well-equipped premise, but every year the Company also donates unique educational materials (books, manuals, journals). While it is impossible to get such educational materials in Ukraine, ‘Mitsubishi Corporation’ regularly sends them directly from Japan, thus enriching the library funds of the University as well as increasing the knowledge of the students and teachers.

The Writing and Editing of Educational Manuals and Dictionaries is another sphere of ‘Mitsubishi Corporation’ assiatance.

Nowadays when the intercultural relations between Ukraine and Japan are getting stronger and the interest of both sides to the target culture and language is rapidly growing, more contacts are made and more negotiations are conducted between Japan and Ukraine. Thus there occurs the demand in new specialists. The proper educational materials (dictionaries, text-books, manuals and so on) are required to train real specialist to suit the situation of the existing intercultural interchange between Ukraine and Japan.

‘Mitsubishi Corporation’ has paid attention to the situation and united the specialists of Department of Japanese, Chinese and Korean Philology to create various educational manuals and dictionaries.

The Japanese Course Sponsored by Mitsubishi Corporation embraces the following educational manuals and dictionary:

* A Reading Course for Elementary Level Students (Intensive Method of Teaching)
(by Oksana V. Asadchikh, PhD in philology, assistant).

* Japanese-Ukrainian Dictionary
(by Andriy O. Bukrienko, PhD in philology, assistant;
Kostiantyn Y. Komisarov, PhD in philology, assistant;
Kataoka Hirosi san, PhD in philology, assistant).

* Readings in Japanese Classic Literature (Trilogy)
(by Ivan P. Bondarenko, PhD in philology, professor (the head author of volumes 1-3);
Yulia V. Osadcha PhD in philology, assistant (co-author for volume 1)
Andriy O. Bukrienko, PhD in philology, assistant (co-author for volume 2).

* Theoretical Grammar of Japanese Language (in 3 books)
(by Kostiantyn Y. Komisarov PhD in philology, assistant).

It is common truth that properly developed science and education constitute the basis of the civilized society, formed by intelligent personalities who get their precious basic knowledge from school and university. Having given life and support to the unique scientific-educational project in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Mitsubishi Corporation performed not only a generosity act, but a true deed of humanism.

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