The History of the Department

The Department of Hellenic Studies was founded on May 20, 1999. Its creation was brought about by the need to train philologists, translators and interpreters with profound expertise in the Modern Greek language and literature. Its foundation was also triggered by the need to promote Hellenic Studies in Ukraine, to focus on their current issues and to foster the culture of Greeks living in Ukraine. The formation of the Department was made possible due to the accumulation and integration of invaluable experience in the field of Hellenic Studies at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.
Modern Greek language teaching at Kyiv University began in 1958 on the initiative of outstanding philologists Professor A. O. Biletsky and Associate Professor T. M. Chernyshova who worked at the Department of Classical Philology and General Linguistics. At that time the students used to study Modern Greek as the second foreign language from the second year of studies. Upon graduation they obtained the diploma in teaching the Modern Greek language and literature to schoolchildren. Apart from teaching Modern Greek, the above-mentioned founders of Hellenic Studies in Ukraine undertook the translation of Modern Greek literature into Ukrainian as well as of the works of famous Ukrainian writers, such as Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka and Ivan Franko, into Modern Greek. Professor A. O. Biletsky resumed the scientific research into the language and culture of the Greeks of Azov Region by organizing a number of expeditions to Donetsk Region in order to collect the material for the investigation of Azov Greek dialects.
At present the students of the Institute of Philology alongside the Institute of Journalism study Modern Greek both as the first and the second foreign language. The Department of Hellenic Studies was founded by Professor N. F. Klymenko. The academic staff of the Department include Associate Professors A. O. Savenko, S. Ye. Perepliotchykova, Assistant Professors A. A. Stolyarova, O. O. Tyshchenko and I. V. Tytarenko. Other members who worked at the Department at different periods of time are Professor O. D. Ponomariv, Associate Professor Ye. K. Chernukhin, Assistant Professors T. V. Lyubchenko, T. V. Boiko, T. V. Oryshych, K. O. Taranova, T. O. Pushkar.
In 1999–2004 the Department was headed by Professor N. F. Klymenko, in 2004–2007 Associate Professor S. Ye. Perepliotchykova was the acting head of the Department and since 2007 it has been run by Associate Professor A. O. Savenko.

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