Department of Russian Language

Head - О.S. Snytko, doctor of philological sciences, professor
Phone Numbers - 239-34-30; 34-30
Room №64


The Russian language department of the Institute of Philology of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University was founded in 1834 as Russian philology department, later on it became the department of the Russian language and philology, and since 1950 it has become the Russian language department.

Philological sciences have been taught in St. Volodymyr University from the very beginning of its foundation (1834). At that time Russian Philology department was founded at the department of arts at Philosophy faculty, and since 1850 it became a department of a newly-made Historical and philological faculty.

During the first six years Russian philology department was headed by Mykhailo Maksymovych ( in 1834-1835 - chancellor of St. Volodymyr University, since 1836 - dean of Philosophy faculty), who actually turned it into the department of Rus (eastern Slavic - Maksymovych's term) philology. He studied thoroughly Kyiv Rus literature, and made a description of many Ukrainian literary manuscripts. The scientist suggested his own classification of the Slavic languages, singling out eastern and western groups of languages, the latter in its turn was divided into southern (Bulgarian, Serbian, etc.) and northern (Polish, Czech, etc.) subgroups. Within eastern Slavic group the Ukrainian language was considered to be independent on par with Russian. Apart from that M.Maksymovych contributed greatly to the research of the history of the Ukrainian language. Kyiv historical and philological school originates from the first chancellor of the University.

Such professors as M. T. Kostyr, O. I. Syelin, I. P. Khruschov, I. M. Zhdanov, O. I. Sobolevskiy, famous for his works on the history of the Russian language, dialect studies, paleography; A. M. Loboda, P. V. Vladymyrov taught at Russian philology department, which later became the department of the Russian language and philology, in the second half of the XIX century. P. V. Vladymyrov, who headed the department after O. I. Sobolevskiy till 1900, delivered courses on the history of the Russian language, historical and modern dialect studies, and used Ukrainian manuscripts in his researches, which facilitated studies of the history of the ancient Ukrainian literature.

A lot of lecturers worked simultaneously in the spheres of linguistics and literary studies. Thus, V. M. Peretz, who was elected a professor and head of the department in 1903, taught not only literary studies, but linguistics as well (Old Slavic and Russian dialect studies in particular). Certain findings of the scientist are still valuable for the history of the standard language. Great scope of scientific research work is connected with his name. V. M. Peretz got his students involved into local data processing. In 1903 - 1914 a great philologist had published more than 100 works on divergent issues of the Russian and Ukrainian literature. Peretz is connected with teaching of the special course of the history of the Ukrainian literature, forbidden at that period, which was entitled "Literature of south-western Russia of XV - XVIII centuries".

Such specialists in Old Russian and Ukrainian literature as V. P. Adrianova-Peretz, S. O. Bugoslavskiy, M. K. Gudziy, O. K. Doroshkevych, M. Kalynovych, B. O. Larin, S. I. Maslov, V. I. Maslov, O. A. Nazarevskiy, M. O. Dray-Hmara, M. K. Zerov, P. P. Phylypovych, D. I. Chyzhevsky, etc., graduated from "Russian Philology Seminary", founded by V. M. Peretz in 1907, and first of all were taught to work with primary sources.
In 1915-1918 I. I. Ogienko worked at the department as privat-docent and later on as professor. He became a famous Ukrainian linguist, church historian, statesman, cultural and educational figure.

After V. M. Peretz, the Russian language department was intermittently headed by a famous linguist and Slavistics M. K. Grynsky (in 1944-1945 he headed linguistics department, which actually joined all linguistic departments). He studied the language of Old Slavic manuscripts, grammar and history of Slavic languages; he actively participated in the preparation of modern Ukrainian spelling.

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