Research Papers for students of the Department of Hellenic Studies

Course Paper Topics (2nd year of studies)

1. Words of English and French Origin in Modern Greek.
2. Modern Greek Phraseological Units with Somatic Components: Structural, Semantic and Functional Aspects.
3. Lexical, Semantic as well as Communicative and Pragmatic Peculiarities of Modern Greek Advertisement Texts.
4. Evaluative Meaning of Colour Adjectives in Modern Greek Phraseology.
5. Comparative Analysis of Modern Greek and Ukrainian Phraseological Units with Zoological Components.
6. Sports Terminology in Modern Greek.
7. Modern Greek Phraseological Units Containing Phytonyms and Their Functional Semantic Features.
8. Modern Greek Computer Related Vocabulary.

Topics for Bachelor Papers (4th year of studies):

1. Metaphor in Political Discourse.
2. The Category of Gender in the Modern Greek Language.
3. The Functioning of Phraseological Units in the Modern Greek Fiction Text (Based on the Novel “The Third Wreath” by Kostas Takhtsis).
4. Means of Argumentation and Evaluation in Modern Greek Mass Media.
5. Kinetic Non-Verbal Means in Everyday Communication (Based on TV Series).
6. Communicative, Pragmatic as well as Lexical and Semantic Features of Newspaper Article Titles (Based on Greek Electronic Media).
7. Lexico-Semantic Group of the Verbs of Speaking in the Modern Greek Language.
8. Linguostylistic Features of Modern Greek Texts of Official Style.
9. Linguistic Means of Describing Characters in the Fiction Text: Linguocognitive, Communicative and Pragmatic Aspects.
10. Metaphorical Semantics of Colour Denomination in the Modern Greek Language.
11. Prepositions in the Modern Greek Language.
12. Semantic and Functional Features of Modern Greek Youth Slang.
13. The Typology of Interjections of the Modern Greek Language.
14. The Use of Parcellation in the Publicistic Style (Based on Modern Greek Press)
15. Generic, Communicative, Pragmatic and Linguostylistic Features of a Public Speech.
16. The Concept of FORTUNE / FATE / DESTINY in the Modern Greek Language.
17. Structural and Semantic Peculiarities of Modern Greek Legal Terms.

Topics for Master Papers (2nd year of postgraduate studies)

1. Abbreviations in the Language of Modern Greek Mass Media.
2. Lexico-Semantic and Stylistic Features of Modern Greek Fashion RelatedTexts.
3. Models of Female Gender Identity in Modern Greek Media
4. Linguostylistic Means of the Image of Death in the Novels by S. Mirivilis.
5. Genologic Features of Sports Accounts in Modern Greek Media / The Functioning of Expressives in the Greek Media Sport Texts.
6. Word-Forming and Semantic Features of Modern Greek Composite Adjectives.

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