Department of the History of Russian Literature

Head - G.J. Меrezhynska, doctor of philological sciences, professor
Phone Numbers - 239-34-39; 34-39
Room №120


Subdepartment of the history of Russian Literature (head of Subdepartment – PhD H.U.Merezhynska.) that has existed since 1834, from the time when the St. Vladinir`s University was founded. At that time it had name “Subdepartment of Russian Philology” and was part of historic and philological branch of the Philosophic department. The Head was the first rector of the University, famous philologist M.O. Maksymovych. He delivered lectures on Russian literature history and gave courses of educational program on ancient Russian literature and folklore. In 30-40th at the position of department Fullprofessor M. O. Maksymovych has written some scientific works, devoted to Russian and Ukrainian literature (“History of ancient Russian Philology”, “About Feofan Prokopovych`s poems”, “The Tale of Igor's Campaign”, “Ukrainian national songs’).The department has become a big centre of cultural life (M. Maksymovych began to publish the first historic and literary periodic magazine in Kiev “Resident of Kiev”), one of the centres of philological science ( it`s wellknown, that O.Pushkin, P. Vayzemskiy, V. Jukovskiy, M. Gogol especially respected M. Maksymovych and his talent of researcher) and motherland of further philological schools of Kyiv National University.

Throughout XIX century the outstanding philologist such as M.T. Kostyr, O. I. Selin, I.P. Chruschov, I. M. Jdanov, O.I. Soboleskiy, P. V. Vladimirov, A.M. Loboda were teaching at the department.

Since 1903 to 1914 the department was headed by Professor V. M. Perets, was known in the history of literature as the founder of philological method. Since 1907 the “Russian philologic seminary” has been working successfully under the supervision of V. M. Perets, at different times M. K. Gudziy, V. I. Maslov, V.P. Andrianova-Perets, B.O. Larin, M.K. Zerov, O.K.Doroshkevych, M.J. Kalinovskiy and others worked there. V. Perets`s studens S.I. Maslov, A.. M. Loboda, O. M. Lazarevskiy also worked at the department.

Since 1945 to 1956 the department was headed by academician O. I. Bilestkiy, encyclopaedist at the sphere of literature. Famous specialists in literature Acad. N.E. Krutikova, Prof. V.O. Kapustin, Prof. I. J. Zaslavskiy, Prof. Z. V. Kyryluk, Prof. T.P. Mayevska, Associate Professor S. P. Scholokova, Associate Professor N. M. Nagorna, Associate Professor O. A. Kuzmenko, Associate Professor V. S. Kuzems`kiy were the pride of the department. Since 1972 to 1987 the department has been headed by Professor A. V. Kulinich, since 1987 to2002 – by Professor J.I. Korzov, since 2002 - by PhD G. J. Merejinska.

Since 1997 magistracy by speciality “Russian literature” was opened, and special courses were tought in it , including: “Literature in the context of world culture” (Professor J.I. Korzov), “The history of Russian novel” (PhD G. J. Merejinska), “Literature of Russian foreign countries” (Professor L.I. Schevchenko), “Typology of styles in Russian literature in XIX – XX centuries” (Associate Professor N.V. Belyaeva), “Creative work of F. Dostoevskiy and the development of Europian novel” (Associate Professor S. I. Hramova), “Mythic – poetical analysis of belles-lettres text”( Assistant M. I. Nazarenko) etc.

Numerous reseches, textbooks, manuals of department`s teachers are devoted to the questions of the history of Russian literature and its connection with Ukrainian and others literature. To those refer such works as “Pushkin and Ukraine” , “ Lermontov and Ukraine” by I.J. Zaslavskiy; “Innovations and traditions in Russion Soviet poetry of 20s” by A. V. Kulinych, “ Russian prose for the last three decades: 70 – 90th of the XX century” by L.I. Schevchenko, “Artistic paradigm of transitional cultural epoch: Russian prose of 80-90th of the XX century” by G.J. Merejinska, “Anti totalitarian ideas in russian literature” (J.I. Korzov, L.I. Schevchenko, I.S. Zaayrna), “Russian Literature Abroad” ( L.I. Schevchenko, G.J. Merejinska, I.S. Zaayrna, K. M. Pachareva), “Poetry of Russian symbolism” (N. V. Belayeva). Writing textbooks and reading books for school such as “Literature of the XX century”, “Literature of the XX century. Reading book” and others is an important part of the work.

The assets of the department in the last decade make 10 international scientific conferences, devoted to creation work of Russian classics – Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, Dostoevskiy, Esenin, Bulhakov and also actual question of modern Russian language and literature. At that time 7 collected volumes of scientific works were published, among them “Gogol and contemporaneity”, “Pushkin and problems of the world culture”(2v.,), “Dostoevskiy and XX century”, “Russian literature the day before third century”. Since 1999 the department is publishing collected volumes of scientific works “Russian literature. Research”.

At the department students and improvers from different countries such as Poland, China, Korea, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Italy are systematically trained. The department is keeping up the connection with foreign countries (Russia, Byelorussia, Poland, Germany, USA, China, Italy).

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