Greek Language Club

The activities of Andrii Biletsky Centre for the Promotion of the Greek Language and Culture include the functioning of the Greek Language Club. Its most active members are the students of the Hellenic Studies Department, other departments of the Institute of Philology, the Institute of Journalism as well as of other higher educational establishments of Ukraine’s capital (Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Kyiv National Linguistic University etc.).
The staff members responsible for the functioning of the Club in cooperation with the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in Ukraine organize meetings of the Club members with renowned Greek cultural and public figures, film demonstrations, Greek-related performances and presentations.
The Club owes much to Mr. Dimitris Barlas, a teacher from Greece attached to the Department of Hellenic Studies by the Greek government. During the academic years 2009–2010 and 2010–2011 he delivered a number of lectures on Greek-related issues. These include “Greek Music of the 19–20th Centuries”, “Greek Folk Dances”, “Theatre in Modern Greece”, “The Climate of Greece” etc. Seminars conducted on a regular basis enabled the Club members to discuss what they heard, express their opinion and to compare cultural life in Greece and Ukraine.

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