Department of English Philology

Head of the English Philology department - А.D. Belova, holder of a Higher Doctoral Degree in Linguistics, Full Professor.
Phone Numbers - 239-33-61; 33-61
Room №55

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The Department of English Philology was created in 1965. Then it specialized in delivering both theoretical courses and practical English to graduate students of the Department of Germanic and Romance Languages. One of the members of faculty was well-known linguist, Full Professor, holder of a Higher Doctoral Degree Yu. O. Zhluktenko, who was the first to defend a doctoral thesis on English in Ukraine. His study books on linguistic theory remain topical today; through founding a 'school' of Anglistics he launched sociolinguistic studies in the Kyiv University. Both Professor Zhluktenko and Prof. N. M. Raievska facilitated the development of modern linguistics in Ukraine by supervising 50 PhD theses by teachers currently working in other establishments in Ukraine. Many of them went on to acquire a Higher Doctoral Degree, including Dr. O. M. Starykova, Dr. L. M. Medvedeva, Dr. A. D. Belova, who became professors of the Department of English Philology. Today, the traditions and level of excellence are upheld by Dr., Assoc.Prof O. M. Bortnychuk, Dr., Assoc.Prof L. P. Pastushenko, Dr., Assoc.Prof N. M. Nesterenko, PhD, Prof. L. H. Verba. The following distinguished researchers used to work on the Faculty: Dr., Prof., corresponding member of the NASU V. V. Akulenko, Dr., Prof. Ye. F. Skorokhodko, Dr. O. H. Pocheptsov, leading Associate Professors T. Ya. Yavorska and Ye. P. Lialko.

Today the faculty of the Department includes two holders of a Higher Doctoral Degree – A. D. Belova and N. P. Neborsina, and seventeen holders of a PhD degree. The majority of teachers have written and defended their doctoral and full doctoral theses at the Department. As members of a new generation upholding the best practices and traditions, young teachers of the Department, having graduated from the Kyiv University, have either defended their PhD theses, or are conducting relevant research. The central research area of the Department lies within cognitive-discursive studies, considered to be the most popular and exciting in modern linguistics.

At the Department today, students with English both as a major and a minor, are taught theoretical courses in linguistics and in English either as a first or a second foreign language. In English studies, special emphasis is laid on using British and American coursebooks, Internet materials, video courses, DVD and other modern technical means of learning.

Apart from the normative theoretical courses, a range of special courses on current issues in modern English studies, and linguistics, are taught at the Department. Special courses are updated and rotated once in every two-three years. The Department has a strong presence at annual scientific conferences in April and October. The topics of students' presentations may encompass various issues of modern philology – either well-charted areas viewed from a new angle based on modern theories, or unexplored vistas where research may lay the basis for a new PhD thesis. A number of such presentations and graduate theses are, in fact, continued for a doctoral degree.

PhD tuition is offered at the Department, too. Graduates wishing to take their work a step further are able to do so under the supervision of experienced professors. The Department has initiated many conferences and launched the publication of the 'Language and Conceptual World Images' journal.

The Department's linguistic library receives monthly updates from leading journals and publishers. Students are also welcome to make use of the library funds at the English Language and Information Centre, supported by the British Council and located on premises of the Institute of Philology. The Centre conducts and facilitates meetings with representatives of embassies and consulates, lectures of English-speaking experts in various fields of knowledge.

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