Department of French Philology

Head - G.G. Krjuchkov, doctor of philological sciences, professor
Phone Numbers - 239-33-43; 33-43
Room №60


The Sub-department of French Philology (the head of the Sub-department – Prof. H.H. Kryuchkov) was founded in 1994 as a result of the reorganization of the Sub-department of Romance Philology. This subdivision develops the tradition laid by the linguistic school of Prof. O.I. Bilets`ky, Prof. O.O. Andriivska and by the diachronic tendency presented in the works by Associate Prof. O.I. Burbelo.
Currently there are 16 academics employed: Prof.s - H.H. Kryuchkov, V.B Burbelo, O.O. Solomars`ka; Associate Prof. – I.V. Smuschynska, O.D. Fedchenko, T.D. Svatkova, I.V. Sytnykova, S.V. Melishkevych; senior lecturers – V.B. Levchenko and I.V. Vyedina; assistants – S.R. Loginova, O.A. Labenko, A.V. Nekrashevych, I.H. Lepetyuk, T.M. Heiko, T.B. Burmistenko. The Sub-department provides both the practical and theoretical training for linguists, lecturers of the French language and literature.
The methodological work of the Sub-department includes the following areas: graphemes and pronunciation of the French language; comparative research on morphological and semantic peculiarities of the Ukrainian, Russian and French languages; systematic communicative method of teaching foreign languages; linguistic and stylistic peculiarities of fiction; the usage of the modern video technology in teaching French. Among the main publications of lecturers of the Sub-department there are textbooks on the French language (Prof. H.H. Kryuchkov, Prof. O.O. Solomars`ka, V.O. Statsenko etc.), dictionaries (Prof. V.B. Burbelo, Profesor O.O. Solomars`ka, Prof. H.H. Kryuchkov, senior lecturer I.V. Vyedina, Associate Prof. T.D. Svatkova), monographs (Prof. V.B. Burbelo and many other), as well as educational supplies and methodological textbooks.
During the recent 5 years the international conference commemorating Prof. O.O. Andriyevs`ka was held by the Sub-department; the international workshop on advanced technologies in language teaching “Watch to Learn” in collaboration with the Council of Europe was organized; The first all-Ukrainian congress of lecturers of the French language in collaboration with the French Embassy in Ukraine and the Association of lecturers of the French language in Ukraine was held.
The Sub-department maintains international relations with the National Centre of Academic Research (France, Paris), the Association of Information and Research of Orthography and System of Writing (France, Paris), Paul Valery University (France, Montpellier), Sorbonne University (Paris III, IV), Lumiere University (France, Lion).

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