The Department of Communication and Area Studies was set up in 1992 to marry language training with the study of culture and provide students with up-to-date linguistic, sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic, and pragmalinguistic knowledge on speech and intercultural communication, resulting in the introduction of new academic disciplines: Fundamentals of Speech Communication Theory and Area Studies (language-based).
The main periods in the department development include:
• 1992-1994 – the formation of the department
• 1994-1998 – the introduction of the academic disciplines: Fundamentals of Speech Communication Theory, British and American Studies, Fundamentals of Scientific Research, and Business English
• 1998-2005 – the development of the syllabi, teaching materials, and research papers
• 2005-present – the publication of research papers and textbooks, further development of the syllabi, and introduction of the academic disciplines: Fundamentals of Business Communication (in English), 2005; Theoretical Course of English, 2005; General Theoretical Course of English for Specialist’s degree students, 2007; General Theoretical Aspect of English for MA students, 2007; Area Studies (English-speaking Countries) for students of the Institute of Journalism, 2008; Fundamentals of Contemporary Business Communication (in English) for MA students, 2009.
The first Head of the Department was Prof. Oleh Pocheptsov, followed by Prof. Viacheslav Karaban who made an outstanding contribution to the development of the Department. The current Head is Olga V. Yashenkova, PhD.
Today the Department has 26 members, among them twelve PhD, one Full Professor, and nine Associate Professors.

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