Department of Foreign Literature

Head - S.М. Prygodij, doctor of philological sciences, professor
Phone Numbers - 239-33-74; 33-74
Room №73


The Historical name of the sub-department of Foreign Literature, headed now by prof. S.M. Pryhodiy, was the sub-department of Western European literatures. Its foundation and first decades of scholarly and pedagogical work at the beginning of the XX century were connected with the activity of the scientific seminar of prof. V.M. Peretska at the sub-department of Slavic and Russian Philology.
In 1932 prominent linguist-Germanist prof. G.V. Sharovol'skiy headed the sub-department of West-European literatures. He authored the first text- book in Ukraine for students majoring in linguistics "History of Western European Literatures of the Middle Ages" (1909). The sphere of scientific interests of the sub-department was mostly focused on the history of the world literature. It is important to mention works of one of the founders of the Ukrainian Shakespeare studies prof. SL. Rodzevycha and expert on Roman Languages prof. S.V. Savchenko.
Starting from 1933 the sub-department focused its research activity on the analysis of modern literary process in the west which was conducted under the supervision of prof. S.V. Savchenko. Students of prof. S.V. Savchenko (in the future professors of T. K. Yakymovich, A.H. Illichevskiy, associate professors of A.A. Rozanova, N.O. Modestova, V.I. Paschenko) formed the post-war group and continued the cause of their teacher.
From 1949 up to 1976 the Sub-department was headed by T.K. Yakymovych, whose scholarly research interests were concentrated on the history of French literature of ХIХ – XX centuries. In her candidate dissertation devoted to the literary work of E.Zolya (1940) T.K. Yakymovych presented the innovative understanding of naturalism. In her doctoral dissertation dealing with the French realistic essay (1830 – 1848) she took from the oblivion the literary genre which had influence on the development of the French prose in ХIХ – ХХ centuries. Other innovative ideas were presented in her monographs about the French drama of the XX century.
In 1960 – 1970 Prof. T.K. Yakymovych founded the teaching school of the sub-department of Foreign Literature. The main principle of the school activity was the combination of the academic system and modern perception of works of the world literature.
Connoisseur of West-European literature of the XVII – XX centuries B.B. Bunich-Remizov and the junior generation of associate professors including O.V. Alekseenko, N.Y. Zhluktenko, A.G. Bakanov, M.O. Kudin followed the same principle.
In 1982 – 1994 corresponding member of the Academy of Science of Ukraine prof. D.S. Nalyvayko worked at the sub-department. He was a prominent Ukrainian literary critic and theorist of literature, founder of the modern Ukrainian comparative literature studies. In 1976 – 1987 the sub-department of Foreign Literature was headed by prof. K.O. Shahova who headed the publication of a number of collective monographs and manuals which are actively used by various scholars. Later the sub-department was chaired by associate prof. AT. Bakanov (1987 - 1993), prof. N.Y. Zhluktenko (1993 - 2003).
During this period professors developed new syllabuses for such courses as the History of Foreign Literature, introduction to the literature Studies, History and Theory of Literary Criticism, Methods of Teaching Foreign Literature in secondary school, etc. There was also the increase in the number of major compulsory and elective courses concerning the issues of the day of literary criticism.
In 2003 the sub-department was led by prof. S.M. Pryhodiy. He initiated American-Ukrainian comparative literature studies, addressed the problem of Ancient and American Romanticism, bringing to the analysis of fiction achievements of archetype criticism, psychoanalysis, deconstruction analysis and other modern methods.
Among full-time teachers of the sub-department are prof. S.M. Prygodiy, prof. N.Y. Zhluktenko, associate professors O.J. Alekseenko, M.O. Kudin, O.O. Tovstenko, L.L. Miroshnychenko, N.D. Bilyk, Candidate of Sciences in Philology O.S. Boynytska, assistant lecturer N.M. Goryacha. Part-time teachers include prof. T.N. Denysova. T.V. Doctor of Sciences in Philology T.V. Bovsunivska, prof. V.I. Fessenko associate professor O.V. Kabkova, assistant lecturer N.E. Kosenko, assistant lecturer O.V. Omel'chenko.

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