Chair of Theory and Practice of Translation from Romance Languages

Head - Iryna Viktorivna Smushchynska, Doctor of Philology, Professor
Phone Numbers - +38044 239-34-09; 34-09
Room №66


The Chair of Theory and Practice of Translation from Romance Languages, founded in 1983, from 2001 has been named after Mykola Zerov (1890-1937), a distinguished Ukrainian poet and translator, and representative of the ‘Rozstriliane Vidrodzhennya’ (the aborted Ukrainian cultural revival of the late 20s/early 30s) generation. The Chair has providing professional training to translators from French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, and on and off from Romanian, for the longest period of time in Ukraine, thus having become the leading academic and scientific platform in this field.

The Chair is held by Doctor of Philology, Professor Iryna Viktorivna Smushchynska.

From 1983 to 2010 the Chair was headed by Doctor of Philology, Academician of the Ukrainian Higher School Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist and Technician of Ukraine, Professor O.I.Cherednychenko. Since its foundation the number of staff of the Chair has grown threefold, and the number of working languages has doubled. Today there are 23 regular and 14 part time teachers, including 2 professors, Doctors of Philology, 13 associate professors, 22 assistants (four of them holding PhDs). There are also foreign lecturers from Spain, Brazil, Italy, and France working at the Chair. Since 1994 there has been a division into 2 specializations: ‘Interpreting’ and ‘Translation’, in accordance with global standards.

Research work activity is being carried out within the complex theme ‘Conceptual Picture of the World of Romance and Germanic Languages in the Context of Modern Translation Studies’ headed by professor O.I.Cherednychenko. The following are some of the major areas of research: general theory and history of translation and in particular, special theories: linguistic issues of translation, genders in translation studies, creative method of a translator, etc. with the participation of O.I.Cherednychenko, I.V.Smushchynska, E.M.Andriyevska, M.A.Vengrenivska, G.G.Verba, A.D.Gnatyuk, O.M.Kalustova, T.O.Kachanovska, O.V.Maksymenko, O.V.Orlychenko, I.S.Orlova, M.P.Prykhodko, S.G.Sayenko, O.O.Tkachenko, S.B.Fokin, Y.O.Chernyshova and others. Since 2006 until 2011 7 Doctoral Candidate’s dissertations have been defended (O.G.Krushinska’s, I.S.Orlova’s, M.P.Lukyanchenko’s, P.A.Matiusha’s, M.B.Bilan’s, T.O.Kachanovska’s, Y.O.Chernyshova’s). A number of scientific conferences have been organized, including international ones, the conference in commemoration of professor Y.A.Zhluktenko (October, 2005), ‘Zerov’s Readings’ (December, 2010), conference in commemoration of professor V.V.Koptilov (November, 2010), in commemoration of Mykola Lukash (October, 2009).

Most teachers of the Chair are practicing translators of fictional literature, law and technical documentation, or interpreters at governmental negotiations or international conferences, in particular O.Y.Bogdanova, M.A.Vengrenivska, G.G.Verba, I.P.Zabula, S.V.Zubtsova, O.M.Kalustova, O.V.Maksymenko, M.P.Prykhodko, S.G.Sayenko, O.I.Cherednychenko, G.V.Chernienko and others.

The academic activities pursued are aimed at all-round training of future translators and interpreters, in near-real life translator’s and interpreter’s working conditions. Most subjects and courses are designed for developing the necessary translator’s and interpreter’s skills and abilities, as well as administering translator’s work: ‘theory and practice of translation’, ‘consecutive interpreting’, ‘simultaneous interpreting’, ‘conference interpreting’, ‘fundamentals of fiction translation’, ‘scientific and technical translation’, ‘computer lexicography and translation’, etc. Upon completion of their Masters Degree program, students are able to apply the profound knowledge received to carry out scientific research and to teach in academic institutions.

The Chair maintains a constant liaison with higher educational institutions in Ukraine and other countries, including Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova and Brazil.

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