Department of Teaching Foreign Languages Methotodology and Applied Linguistics

Head - P.О. Bekh, doctor of philological sciences, professor
Phone Numbers - 239-33-38; 33-38
Room №54


The sub-department of Foreign Languages Teaching Methods and Applied Linguistics (the Head – Professor P.O.Bekh) was created in 1991. In 1994 the sub-department of Further Training in Foreign Languages joined it and new Department got the name of the Department of Teaching Foreign Languages Methotodology and Applied Linguistics. Since the time of foundation the Department has been headed by Professor P.O. Bekh. The staff of the Department includes: Associate Professors A.M.Vyazankina, G.G.Yarova, post-doctoral researcher L.P.Naumenko, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences L.P.Dariychuk, assistant professors S.I.Svitych and L.P.Dorogobid, Asssistants N.V.Malynovska, G.A.Karnenko, V.M.Sydorenko, M.V.Denysenko, O.V.Drahinda, K.V.Kharisova, T.V.Babenko, N.V.Sorokina, O.E.Tryfonova, L.M.Baranova, O.V.Vetrov, L.G.Smovzhenko.

Creation of such department was necessary for wide generalization of theoretical and practical basis of teaching foreign language, use of the newest methods and principles of foreign language teaching, implementation of modern informational technologies into educational process. It is planned to create a new specialty – “Applied Linguistics”.

Besides that the duties of the Department include teaching general and special courses on foreign language teaching methods in secondary schools and higher school, guiding pedagogical practice of 4th and 5th year students in secondary school and master students in higher school, teaching modern informational technologies, etc.

The sub-department workers hold practical classes and lectures at the divisions of Oriental and Western philology, at the Institute of International Relations, participate in elaboration of curricula and syllabuses on teaching foreign languages in secondary schools and higher educational institutions, and conduct research and methodological work. Teachers engage in writing textbooks and manuals, terminological and general dictionaries, curricula, etc.

For the first time in Ukraine there were two editions of Teach-yourself on English (co-authored by professor P.O.Bekh), and the textbook “English Language for Entrants” authored by professor P.O.Bekh) had five editions.

The staff of the Department work on a state-level project “The Development of technology is in the use of English language multi-media electronic textbook”.

The sub-department maintains wide connections with related departments of Ukrainian universities, has contacts with foreign offices and scientists. Foreign teachers – native speakers – always work at the Department. The sub-department got several international grants for development of methodology research. All-Ukrainian students’ contests in the English Language and Literature.

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