Main publications of the teachers of the Chair

Tatyanchenko, N.F.:

We Read in Ukrainian (in collaboration);
The Noun in the Speech Patterns (in collaboration);
The Explanatory Dictionary of Russian Language (Moscow);
Russian Language Phrasebook (Moscow ).

Lyubashenko, O. V.:

The Ukrainian Language: Active Methods and Forms of Teaching in Higher School.
Linguo-Didactic Strategies: Planning the process of teaching Ukrainian at Higher School.

Glyvinska, L. K.:

Contemporary Ukrainian Literary Language. Phonetics.
Ukrainian Language. Phonetics. Orthoepy.
Contemporary Ukrainian Language. Phonetics. Orthoepy.

Pyatetska, O.V.:

Ukrainian Literature for Foreign Students (in collaboration).

Kuzmanenko, A. V.:

The Individual Authors’ Transformations of the Legend of Don Juan in the Works of Byron, Pushkin, and Lesya Ukrainka.

Andreyeva, T. M.:

The Poetics of Initiation Space in the Ukrainian Folklore.

Klimentova, O. V.:

Creative Works of Olena Teliga and Literary and Cultural Situation in Prague School
Verbal Suggestion of Sacred Texts

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