Department of English for Humanitarian Departments

Head - А.P. Мusijenkо, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
Phone Numbers - 239-33-56; 33-56
Room №120


The Sub-Department of English language for the Humanities (headed by Associate Professor A.P. Musiyenko) was created in 1980, due to increasing number of sub-departments, creation of Institutes and opening of new specialties. The scientific and methodological potential of the Sub-Department resulted from the common efforts of its Heads - Associate Professors Z.K. Trostians’ka, M.I. Potuzhna, H.A. Kyrychenko, V.I. Karaban and the leading Educational Supervisors of the Department - Associate Professor L.I. Lazarkevych, Senior Lecturer L.F. Arkhypovych and Associate Professor S.S. Volkova. The first Head of the Sub-Department of the English language for the Humanities was Professor V.I. Karaban.
This sub-department promotes teaching the English language at the Historical, Philosophical, Law Departments as well as at the Departments of Sociology and Psychology. The syllabus and curriculum of “the English language” discipline are based on the communicational approach and presuppose systemic and complex use of technical equipment; they are oriented significantly at the self-guided work of the students. The sub-department annually holds the 1st round of the English language competition (olympiad) among the University non-linguistic departments of Humanities.
29 Lecturers, of those 6 Associate Professors, 14 Senior Lecturers and 9 Lecturers work at the sub-department. The technical work is performed by 2 Laboratory Assistants.
The core of the sub-department is made up by the Lecturers, persistently working at the University for over 25 years: the Head of the sub-department -Associate Professor A.P. Musiyenko, Associate Professors O.F. Shevchenko, A.L. Alekseeva, T.H. Skopiuk, Senior Lecturers I.D. Kucherenko, Zh.V. Vikhrova, O.A. Kupriyevych, O.K. Kurdish, L.M. Sayenko et al.
The Lecturers of the sub-department wrote computer course books, computer learning aids for non-Humanitarial Departments, programmes for reading technique and test compiling.
Musiyenko A.P.
Shevchenko O.F.
Alekseeva A.L.
Skopiuk T.H.
Kucherenko I.D.
Vikhrova Zh.V.
Kupriyevych O.A.
Kurdish O.K.
Sayenko L.M.

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