Department of English for Physicomathematical Departments

Head - N.V. Solovej, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
Phone Numbers - 259-05-25
Room №611


The sub-department of English language for Students of Physics and Mathematics (headed by Associate Professor N.V. Solovey) was founded in 1994. Its creation was induced by the necessity to meet the specific needs of teaching English at the Departments of Physics and Mathematics, training Bachelors, Masters and Postgraduate Students. For that purpose, the Sub-Department separated from the Department of Natural Sciences. The first head of this sub-department was an Associate Professor M.V. Petrovs’ky.
Nowadays the sub-department comprises Associate Professors N.V. Solovey, I.M. Buhulov, E.I. Vetrova-Shpihun, T.A. Kosarevs’ka, L.I. Oliynyk, Senior Lecturers N.E. Nechyporenko, L.A. Rudkovs’ka, Lecturers L.M. Barshchevs’ka, O.V. Nikolenko, Assistant Lecturers N.V. Azhohina, T.H. Babanina, H.M. Bublyk, O.V. Vashtalova, O.V. Vetrov, T.V. Davydiuk, N.V. Doronina, N.S. Dramaretska, O.L. Kyryliuk, K.M. Palamarchuk, N.M. Stelmakh, O.I. Tytova.
The sub-department trains Postgraduate Students of the Departments of Physics, Radiophysics, Chemistry, Mechanical and Mathematical Departments, the Department of Cybernetics and the Military Institute for passing the Candidates’ Exam in the English language and conducts the Candidates’ Exams. The academic topic of the department is the Sub-languages of Physics and Mathematical Sciences: Physics, Radiophysics, Mathematics, Mechanics, Chemistry, Cybernetics (the programming languages and Information Technology).
The sub-department maintains its ties with the higher educational establishments of Great Britain (Aston University, Birmingham) and the USA (New York University, California University, University of Nevada, Saybrook College).

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