Department of the German Language

Head - І.S. Nevmerzhytskyj, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
Senior Laboratory Assistant - Grachova Natalia
Phone Numbers - 239-33-75; 33-75
Room №10


The sub-department of German Language (headed by Associate Professor I.S.Nevmerzhitsky) split from the Department of German Philology in 1962 and since then its faculty have thought at all departments of Kyiv University except the Institute of International Relations and partly The Institute of Philology.

The sub-department was headed by Associate Professor M.R.Korolyova (1962 -1972), Associate Professor V.S.Babenko (1972-1973), Associate Professor E.I.Lysenko (1974-1989), Associate Professor L.I.Serheyeva (1989-2000). Now the sub-department includes Associate Professor I.S.Nevmerzhitsky, Associate Professor I.G.Darovska, Associate Professor L.I.Serheyeva, senior lecturer N.D.Antyukhova, senior lecturer V.Y.Zalevska, lecturers M.M.Balun, G.V.Vysotska, M.M.Hlotdz, L.P.Grytsuk, L.I.Demska, L.V.Yevtushenko, N.V.Zagumenna, V.S.Kovtun, V.I.Kostenko, V.I.Kurochka, N.V.Marchenko, A.M.Melnychuk, I.O.Oliynyk, G.L.Samrina, A.D.Svirchevsky, M.M.Semenkiv, O.V.Symkanych, T.O.Ryabokuchma, G.A.Khoda.
The Department keeps relations with Leipzig and Kiel University of Germany.

Since the 1975 the sub-department has worked on lexicography. The faculty of the Department prepared and published more than 10 different dictionaries (German-Ukrainian, Ukrainian-German and German-Ukrainian-Russian), a textbook on German language (3 editions), many manuals for different departments of the University. They completed work on the first in the world large German-Ukrainian (around 100 00 words) and Ukrainian-German (around 60 000) dictionaries, prepared by the sub-department (Associate Professor E.I.Lysenko, Associate Professor L.I.Serheyeva, N.I.Antyukhova, V.M.Kolisnyk). According to educational needs the teachers regularly publish manuals for students and post-graduate students, take part in scientific conferences, seminars in Kyiv and other cities, in particular organized by the Goethe-Institute.

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