Department of History and Stylistics of the Ukrainian Language

Head - L.І. Shevchenko, doctor of philological sciences, professor
Phone Numbers - +38 0(44) 239-33-55; 33-66
Room №131


The department of history and stylistics of the Ukrainian language (till 2009 – history of Ukrainian language) as a first in Ukraine profile department with historical and stylistics specialization was created in 1992 as a result of division of Ukrainian language’s department in philological faculty. It was determined by a new status of national language in society, by the necessity of research of her origin, development and functioning.
From time of founding till 1997 a department was headed by Doctor of Philology, professor Bilodid O.I. From 1997 to nowadays the Honoured Science and Engineering Worker of Ukraine, Doctor of Philology, professor Shevchenko L.I. is the only head of the department.
The department of history and stylistics of Ukrainian language – is one of the departments of Institute of Philology, that has a magistracy, post-graduate course and doctoral candidacy.
The department’s employees concentrate the attention on writing the monographs, dictionaries, textbooks, manuals, developing in this way different aspects of Ukrainian linguistic science, in particular philosophy and theory of language (L.I. Shevchenko, О.I. Nika, D.V. Dergach), terminology (L.I. Shevchenko, О.I. Nika, G.P. Strelchuk, G.M. Najenko, L.V. Shulinova, O.I. Lutsenko), structural and functional aspects of language’s development in synchronism and diachrony (L.I. Shevchenko, О.I. Nika, L.P. Hnatyuk, G.P. Strelchuk, L.V. Shulinova, Y.B. Dyadyshcheva-Rosovetska, О.I. Lutsenko, О.О. Sukhoviy, А.А. Kaletnik, D.V. Dergach, L.V. Domylivska, N.M. Didenko, М.М. Kapas-Romanyuk.
The department actively cooperates with scientific subdivisions of O.O. Potebnya Institute of linguistics, Institute of Ukrainian language of Ukrainian National Academy of Science, the H. Skovoroda national pedagogical university of Kharkiv, I. Mechnikov national university of Odesa and other classic universities of Ukraine. The leading scientists of the adopted establishments read the special courses for students of magistracy and post-graduate course, review dissertations and scientific editions, advise young researchers.
The department supports scientific contacts with foreign university centers. Many scientific works are systematically published jointly with the researchers of Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, France, Macedonia, South Korea and other others.
In particular, prof. L.I. Shevchenko constantly actively participates in the program of scientific collaboration between Ukrainian National Academy of Science and Academy of sciences and arts of Macedonia (Days of Ukrainian science in Macedonia in 2005, in 2007; XIV International congress of Slavists in Okhryd, Macedonia, in 2008 and others).
The results of professional collaboration of the department with the foreign scientific centers are reflected in candidate's dissertations in philological sciences written under the direction of Doctor of Philology, professor ShevchenkoL.I., by Werbenec M.-B. (Poland) "Legal terminology of Ukrainian and Polish national languages: comparably-typology analysis" (January, 2005) and Jung Yungjoo (Republic of Korea) "Lingvopragmatical principles of creation of dictionary of Ukrainian language for foreigners" (October, 2011).
Scientific collaboration with Russian Federation were realized in the context of preparation by prof. ShevchenkoL.I. the materials for celebration of the Slavic written language’s Day in Vologda in May 2007.
The employees of department were the lecturers in Ukrainian language in the University of Olomouc (Czech Republic), the University of Vienna (Austria), the University "Paris – VIII – Vensenn" (France).
Collective of department provides the edition of collection of scientific works "Actual issues of the Ukrainian linguistics : theory and practice" that has a state registration as a book type national edition. Collection of scientific works are published twice a year. It is a good tradition to dedicate the separate issue to the known scientists, in particular, P.D. Tymoshenko (№ 3), V.V. Morenets (№ 6), L.I. Shevchenko (№ 19), V.M. Rusanivskiy (№ 22).
The department provides dialectology, source study, pedagogical and assistant practices for students of Institute of Philology of the Taras Shevchenko National university of Kyiv.

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