Vengrenivska Maria Anatoliivna

Vengrenivska Maria Anatoliivna was born on the 19th of June 1950 in Kyiv. Candidate of Philology. Associate professor.

Graduated from Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.
Since 1972, after graduating from the Roman-Germanic sub-department with honors diploma, she has been working at sub-department of philology. Since 1983 senior lecturer, later the associate professor at the department TPTRGPH, now – associate professor of the sub-department.

She is the author of 230 publications concerning theory and practice of translation.

1981 – Thesis “Linguo-stylistic problems of translation Ukrainian and Russian fairy-tales in French language”
Now special interest is in the field of poetic translation, translation of the folklore (folk poetry, folk stories, riddles etc), with the problems of revealing background information while translating (background national and cultural semantic component and its rendering in translation), philosophy of translation etc.

She is a critic and translator at the same time. Fiction translation from French, English, Modern Greek, Spanish languages in Russian and Ukrainian (works of France, Balzac, Truya, Elya, Reims, Molle-Joris, O’Gardi, Dj.-K Outs, Blona, R. Van Gulika, and other African, Nepalese, Australian fairy-tales etc)and works of Kotsyubynskiy, Kostenko, Stusa, Bazhana and others in the French language.

You can read about this author in magazine “Vsesvit”, 7, 1991, Ules, encyclopedia of the Ukrainian translators, who translated Ukrainian authors Jukovskiy A. in the French language, Paris 2003.

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