Department of Modern Ukrainian Literature

Head - G.F. Semenjuk, doctor of philological sciences, professor
Phone Numbers - 239-33-68; 33-68
Room №115
Laboratory assistant – L.D.Garashchenko


Department of modern Ukrainian literature was founded in 1999 as the result of reorganization of the department of history of Ukrainian literature as a graduation department for bachelors, specialists, masters of philology and specialists of higher qualification – doctors and candidates of science. It continues university traditions of Ukrainian literary studies commenced by professor Maksymovych M., Vladymyrov P., acad. Dashkevych M., Loboda A., Peretc V. The first name was the department of Ukrainian Literature, foubnded on the tide of national renaissance in 1917-1918 due to the demands of Ukrainian public. Since then the history of Ukrainian literature has taken one of the notable places as independent subject in Kyiv university.

During the period of comparative ideological freedom in XIX c. outstanding scientists were working in the department such as Zerov M., Philipovych P., Doroshkevych O., - the representatives of different scientific schools and areas: philological (Zerov.M.), comparative-historical (Philipovych P.), cultural and historical (Doroshkevych O). Literary process of the first decade of XX century was presented in the lectures and special course of Philipovych P., numerous literary-critical articles of Zerov M., Philipovych P., Doroshkevych O., the book “ From modern Ukrainian literature” written by Philipovych P. (1929), mostly the “Manual of history of Ukrainian literature” ( five editions in 1922 -1930) by Doroshkevych O. Professor Doroshkevych O., prof. Ishchuk A., associate prof. Rusanivskyi M., Kobyleckyi U., Shcherbak A., Dyachenko, Sirenko P., Nedilko V., Kyslyi F., prof. Kononenko P., Semenyuk I., Syrotyuk M.and Skyrda L. have been studying and teaching Ukrainian literature from 1930 to 1980.

A number of significant works were published. They are the following: “Materials for studying the history of Ukrainian literature” in 5 volumes (1959-1966), “Ukrainian historical prose for 40 years” (1958) written by prof. Syrotyuk M., “The village in Ukrainian literature” (1984) by prof. Kononenko, “Oles Gonchar – the artist of the word” (1986) by prof. Semenchuk I., the manual for higher educational establishments “Ukrainian Soviet literature” (1979) and others. However, ideologization of education and science, the atmosphere of repressions which was dominant in the society had a negative influence on the activity of the members of department. Zerov M., Philipovych P., Rusanivskyi M., were illegally arrested and shot, Doroshkevych O., Ishchuk A., Kobyleckyi were persecuted and criticized unjustifiably. Today the departmental stuff is actively involved in the general process of reinterpretation the history of Ukrainian literature of XX century, which has started in 1990. The renewed programmes of normative courses and collections of special courses and special seminars for bachelors and masters have been prepared. Tentextbooks, teaching aids and reading books for secondary and higher educational establishment were published,they are “ The history of Ukrainian literature of the second part of XIX century (70-90s)” in two volumes(2002-2003) written by prof. Semenyuk G., Dem’yanivskyi L., Gevskyi N., Gnidan O., Gulyaka A., and others, “Ukrainian literature. 11th grade” (1999, 2001) by prof. Kovaliv Y., “Ukrainian literature.11th grade” (2002) by prof. Semenyuk G., “Ukrainian literature. 10th grade” (2004) by MIshchenko O.; “Volodymyr Vinnichenko” (1966) by prof. Dem’yanivs’ka L., “I have never laughed without love”: the creative portrait of Ostap Vyshnya” (2001) by prof. Semenyuk G., “Ukrainian literature. Names and destinies of writers” (2001) by prof. Gaevska N., “Literary hermeneutics” (2008) by prof. Kovaliv Y., Versification. Theory and practice of poetry” (2009)by prof. Semenyuk G., Gulyaka A., ‘Prague school”: in the declension of “the philosophy of rank” (2001) by prof. Kovaliv Y. and others.

The department trains research workers through doctoral programmes, full-time postgraduate studies and that by correspondence. 5 doctoral thesis and 24 candidate thesis were defended since 1999 there. Professor Semenyuk G. heads a specialized academic council dealing with the defense of thesis to obtain a scientific degree of Doctor of Philology in Kyiv University(from 2002), prof. Gulyak A. and Kovaliv Y. are the members of this council.

Professor Gaevska N. – an academic secretary of the specialized council dealing with the defense of thesis to obtain an academic secretary of Academic council of Kyiv University. The departmental stuff maintains the relations with the Shevchenko Institute of literature, national Academy of Sciences and departments of many higher educational establishments of Ukraine. It also develops the links with foreign institutions of Ukrainian language is learning.

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